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The Ever-So Humble Cresent

Ah the croissant~!  Who knew that a simply crescent could take us to heaven!  With its perfect mix of crisp, soft, buttery, sweet, and savory (the perfect little amount of salt)… a croissant as the first mouthful is a  perfect omen for the rest of your day.

Perfectly shaped.  Crisp and crumbly where it’s supposed to be.   Cloud-soft, but elastic enough to put up a tiny resistance as I bit into it.  So perfectly flaky it extended like an accordian as I pulled it  apart.  Boy, was it perfect.  Oops…I guess I ate a few while writing this.  How could I help myself?  I want it with my  eyes: golden, flaky–you see flakes from the outside. I look for  something that is very light puff pastry. … Of course, it should melt in your mouth, as you’re savoring the never-tiresome taste of butter, (REAL 100% pure high-quality butter)…what more can I say?  Oops…now I’ve had two.  Or three?  No, I think two.  I’m sure only two…

Most items are available with No Sugar added, Gluten Free, Nut Free, or Lactose Free upon special request. Contact Us now.

"2010 City's Best, Wedding Cake"

Pasadena Magazine 2010