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Elements of the Perfect Fruit Tart

Nothing says summer like fresh fruit.

How do you make fruit tarts look as good as they do in a patisserie?  You order them from us.  Are all fruit tarts the same?  We think not…and dare you to put them to the test.

First there is the tart itself–it must be just the right texture.  Don’t you want it to crumble in your mouth and taste buttery and delicious while holding up to the filling?  Absolutely.  Next you must delve into the custard cream which MUST be truly heavenly, making the whole fruit tart a true  treat.  And now…to the fruit itself.  It must look beautiful.  It’s wonderful when there is kiwi, or currants–something unusual to add even more color and shape.  Ideally in our minds, the mound of fruit is incredibly high, and the colors are stunning. And  most important of all! The fruit on the fruit tart is the most delicious, incredibly rich in flavor and sweetness.  There you have it: the three essential components of a perfectly glorious fruit tart.  At Pasadena Baking you don’t even have to choose which part you like best: you can trust all three elements are there in spades and have it all!  How nice is that?  Ah…summer.  What’s not to love?


Most items are available with No Sugar added, Gluten Free, Nut Free, or Lactose Free upon special request. Contact Us now.

"The Best Bakery in Southern California"

Paul Wallach, KIEV